How to Add Bigrock Custom Domain with Blogger

Blogger is the best way for create a free online website without any hosting issue because it is hosted by Google. Every new blogger want to know how to add a custom domain with blogger so here are some easy blogging  methods which is 100% working. If you have bought a domain from Bigrock then you should connect with blogger, which is absolutely free for every user. You have to apply all domain setting in DNS management panel.

Big rock is best service provider and always best offers for new domain registration. You can buy a domain from Bigrock and nowadays book a new domain in Rs 99 only and whe you complete all process then you can connect easily your domain with blogger by doing some simple steps which are mentioned below.

How to Add Custom Domain with Blogger

Step 1: First of all Login to your BigRock account and click on your Domain name.
Step 2: Now Go to bottom of your page or Scroll down and find DNS Management.

Step 3: Now Click on it and a window appears which is default Record list.
Step 4: Now click on Add a record.
Step 5: Then Leave the host name blank and fill in the Destination IPv4 address.
Step 6: Leave all other option blank and click on "Add Record"
Step 7: Now add 3 record with same process.
When you add all 4 records then it will look like this.

Connect with Blogger (Blog Verification)

Step 8: Now Open your blogger account and Under setting > Basic and look for Publishing and click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog .
Step 9: Enter there your domain name like (e.g and click on save button.
Step 10: After that you will face an error like "Verify your authority on that domain name".
Step 11:  If you want to solve this problem then you need to add the above two record in big rock.
Step 12: Now again login to your BigRock account and open DNS Management panel.
Step 13: Then Click on CNAME Records tab and then click on "Add CNAME Record"
Step 14: Add here the first record Host Name >> www and fill in Value field >> and click on Add Record button.
Step 15: Now Add second record with same process Click on CNAME Record and copy the second record and paste it on Host name and copy the other code and paste it in value field. Now save record.
Step 16: Now go back to blogger and repeat step 9 and click on Under Publishing click on Set up a third-arty URL for you blog and under it fill your domain name in the text box then save it. 

Bingo you have successfully clear this step.
Now Tick the Redirect domain name for your website and save it.
Note: It may take 2 hrs to configure so keep patience.


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