How to delete Instagram account Temporarily or Permanently

Instagram is a popular social networking website in India, where you can share your images and thoughts without any limitations. This is an effortless app which makes it very interesting. Now many users upload images on insta and if any want to hide then there is a private option also available for everyone. There also many people who want to use more than one profile then they can create a separate profile for the Profession and business. The app allows the user to switch profiles without login and logout which is the best part of it.

If you're going to delete your Instagram account then save all your important data and backup all your files.

How to delete Instagram account

Hello friends, I know that you want to delete your Instagram account but you are getting trouble to find remove account button then remind one thing Insta account can be deleted for permanently or you can disable for some time. If you want to remove forever then disable your account and never open it for 1 year, if you do it before time then it will activate automatically.

How to Permanently delete your account

If you are a new user and don't know how to delete the account of Instagram then follow these simple steps to remove your account.
  1. First Open a web browser on your computer/Laptop and Instagram.
  2. Then Sign in to your account using your email Id and password of that account which you want to delete for permanently.
  3. Now Go to delete your account page from here.
  4. After that Give a Reason why are you deleting your account? And retype your password.
  5. Once you select the reason from the menu, the Permanently Delete My Account button will appear.
  6. Now click on Button and your account has Successfully removed.

How to delete Instagram Account Temporarily 

In order to temporarily disable the Instagram account, you need to follow the steps given below. You will not be able to disable the account within the Instagram app from your mobile.
If you don't want to use insta app for a long time and want some break from the app then use it disable option, which disables your Instagram account and when you want to use it then you can reactivate again with same email id and password. If you disabling you account then remind that your profile will not be visible to anyone and you will appear as remover user to other but your account, photo, comments, likes will remain active for others which you have done. The best feature is that you can reactivate the account at any time.

you can do this with these simple steps:
  1. First of all, Open a web browser on your Laptop or computer.
  2. Then log in with your correct username and password. (Make sure logged in account is same which you want to delete)
  3. Now Look at the right-hand top corner, you will find an icon of the person, Just click on it.
  4. Now Select option Edit Profile and Look at the bottom of the page, you will get a button like "Temporarily Disable Account button" click on it.
  5. Now fill the Reason why you disable your account and the on-screen Instructions.

Remind that however, you delete your account for permanent than you can't reactivate your insta account. It will be removed from the social network forever and after doing this you can't use the same username. I will advise you that if you don't want to use an Instagram account then disable it for someday and if you want to never open that account then permanently delete the account is the best option for you.

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