Top 7 Fashion Blogs India | List of Best Fashion Bloggers in India

List of Top Fashion Bloggers India
Here we are going to publish the list of top fashion bloggers of India. We will update the list with the name and URL of other fashion bloggers on the page soon. If I have missed any name, please update me the same through a comment on this page

VOGUE India | Fashion

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: News & Media Website
Facebook Likes: 1,941,661
Facebook Followers: 1,923,689
Twitter Followers: 1.08M
Instagram Followers: 1.1m followers
Alexa Global Rank: 53,601
Alexa India Rank:  4750
Youtube: 160,026 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: You are cordially invited to Vogue India's celebration of fashion, beauty, trends, and Bollywood. Here's where we break the latest!
Twitter Tag Line: VOGUE India Before it's in fashion, it's in Vogue—your all-access guide to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle from our team in India

About Vogue India 

Vogue India is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine targeted to Indian users. On Vogue India, Fashion Blog users can discover the latest fashion trends, celebrity looks and runway style. This blog has major 9 categories in the navigation - News, Fashion, Beauty, People, Culture and Living, Portfolio, Horoscope, Wellness, How to Guide and Videos. I am sure you will be amazed by reading the content of the Vogue fashion blog

Fashion Bombay

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Blogger • Personal Blog
Facebook Likes: 999,345
Facebook Followers: 992,094
Twitter Followers: 12.4K
Instagram Followers: 32.6k followers
Alexa Global Rank: 2,123,675
Alexa India Rank:  144,200
Youtube: 1,076 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: Fashion Bombay Fashion blog started by @jasleenkaurgupta & @sonubohra. Blogging since 2009 #fashionbombay. Tap for outfit details
Twitter Tag Line: We are fashion & lifestyle bloggers who believe reworking our existing wardrobe. #fashionbombay #sonuandjasleen

About Fashion Bombay

This blog was started by two journalists Sonu Bohra and Jasleen Kaur Gupta in 2009. Sonu is Bachelors in Literature from Jai Hind College, Mumbai whereas  Jasleen MA in Marketing from The University of Nottingham.  Sonu started working with the Downtown Plus while Jasleen worked as the Assistant Editor for iDiva. Fashion brought them together and they started as freelance stylists for various publications. Later on, started a blog named ' which has now become popular among all fashion lovers in India. The blog has a variety of content around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and style.

Verve Magazine | Fashion

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Media/News Company
Facebook Likes: 324,280
Facebook Followers: 322,040
Twitter Followers: 29.1K
Instagram Followers: 87k followers 
Alexa Global Rank: 394,888
Alexa India Rank:  32,250
Youtube: 1,759 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: Verve Magazine India's premier and only home-grown luxury and lifestyle monthly. Arts & Culture, People, Fashion, Beauty, Travel & Food
Twitter Tag Line - India's premier and only home-grown luxury and lifestyle monthly. Arts & Culture, People, Fashion, Style, Beauty, Travel & Food

About Verve Magazine

Verve is a purely Indian magazine for Indian women. Verve Magazine came into existence 22 years ago and now is one of the top fashion magazine India. made was booked 10 years back in April 2014. The blog is divided into 6 sections – Arts & Culture, Fashion & Beauty, People, Travel & Space, Events and Videos

The Shopaholic Diaries

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Personal Blog • Public Figure
Facebook Likes: 151,305
Facebook Followers: 150,660
Twitter Followers: 6722
Instagram Followers: 94.2k followers
Alexa Global Rank: 893,437
Alexa India Rank:  62,024
Youtube: 1,759 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: Nitika Bhatia Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger (est. 2011) | Digital Strategist | Body Positive | Shopaholic | Traveler | Ludhiana-Delhi 📧
Twitter Tag Line: Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger - Social Media Marketer - Blogadda Best Fashion Blogger - My life's motto is simple: Follow your dreams!

About Shopaholic Diaries

This beautiful blog was started by Nikita Bhatia in 2011 during her MBA studies.  Nikita has done the Bachelors in Bioinformatics and then completed MBA in International Business. At starting she use to write about her online shopping experience, later on, she added Personal Style, Shopping hauls, Favorite Outfits, Latest Trends & Fashion Updates and more in the blog and now this blog is one of the top fashion blogs in India. This fashion blog is run on Google Blogger platform. This blog has Beauty, Curvy style guide, Dresses for curvy women, Event, Fashion for men, Food, Forever 21,  lifestyle, online shopping, Review categories which is enough to catch the attention of every girl.

Gia Says That

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Public Figure
Facebook Likes: 366,002
Facebook Followers: 364,723
Twitter Followers: 8565
Instagram Followers: 75.6k followers
Alexa Global Rank: 992,031
Alexa India Rank: 67,701
Youtube: 4,695 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: Gia Kashyap ✧ Lifestyle | Fashion | Travel ✧ ✎ ⌲ (Est. 2010) ⇩ New New ⇩
Twitter Tag Line: Fashion & Beauty Blogger | Instagram: GiaSaysthat | Snapchat / Youtube: GiaKashyap | 💌

About Gia Says That

This bog was started by a beautiful girl Gia Kashyap who worked as a graphic designer in her starting days and run a T-shirts business later. Now She has become a big name among all fashion lovers of the world. Her blog has awesome content and Images, Videos and Arts. Her blog is divided into 10 categories - Lookbook, Makeup, And Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Career, Events, Shopping, Reviews, Videos, Pennywise. The blog runs on Wordpress and has a beautiful logo like her name.


Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Public figure · Personal blog
Facebook Likes: 37,504
Facebook Followers: 37,670
Twitter Followers: 3638
Instagram Followers: 502k followers
Alexa Global Rank: 1,036,480
Alexa India Rank: 86,538
Youtube Subscribers: 78,563 subscribers
Instagram Tag Line: Kritika Khurana •Fashion & Travel Blogger/Youtuber• Blog: 👻That_bohogirl 🐤Kritika Khurana #Bohogirlies are life😍
Twitter Tag Line: Fashion & Travel Blogger/Youtuber• Snapchat: That_bohogirl

About ThatBohoGirl

This fashion blog was started by ultra stylish gorgeous Delhi girl Kritika Khurana. She has done her BSc in Fashion designing from the J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology and you can see their understanding of fashion and styles in her blog. You can see outfit videos, hairstyle tutorials, DIYs etc. She started this fashion blog with a purpose to help young girls to style their outfits. She tries best to keep the quality of the image and video as high as possible.

Akanksha Redhu

Fashion Blog URL:
Facebook Page Type: Website
Facebook Likes: 42057
Facebook Followers: 41,638
Twitter Followers: 13.4K
Instagram Followers: 133k followers
Alexa Global Rank: 736,463
Alexa India Rank: 95,159
Instagram Tag Line: Akanksha Redhu Personal Style | Travel | Beauty | Luxury E-MAIL: { } Twitter @akanksharedhu 📍 Manchester Next: Liverpool, London
Twitter Tag Line: Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Social Media | Travel | Beauty | Health & Fitness |

About is started by Akanksha Redhu, a Delhi based fashion/lifestyle blogger in 2010. She studied fashion designing in NIFT. HD quality images and the great content quality convert the new blog users to returning users. The blog is divided into main 5 categories - Fashion & Lifestyle, Beauty, Events, Travel, and Media. She has a big list of followers who praise her fashion knowledge. She is running her own designer label, Cirare.

If  you find any blog which fits in the list of top fashion bloggers of India, please suggest the name and description in the comment box below and we will add the same in the list of top fashion blogs here


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