Averie Blogger Theme Premium: Download Free - 2024 Templates

Averie Blogger Template is from Sora Templates which is one of the leaders in blogger themes. Averie is a Blogger Theme with an elegant and modern look that is suitable for all types of blogger websites. But Fashion Blog looks fantastic when using Averie blogger theme. 

Good combination of colors and widgets makes it one of the most demanded blogger themes. It has various widgets which give this fashion blog more functionality. This blogger theme has 2 versions one is free which can be downloaded and can be used with some restrictions and the second one is premium which is paid. But the price is only 9.95$ so what to wait. This blog has some customization features which can be used to give it a new look without any technical issues.

Averie Blogger theme is a responsive blogger theme so always looks beautiful in every device screen size. And most of the design-level changes can be done through the backend so you don't need to learn technical things. This free & premium blogger theme is compatible with every kind of browser be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari

It also comes with Schema ready markup so Google is easily able to judge the content type of the website which is running on this blogger theme. Below is the link to test the schema validation. Also, it comes with the custom 404 page which is designed best for the user who types the wrong URL in the address bar or goes to any non-existing page. 

Also, the installation of this Averie free blogger theme is very easy. Also, there is a document for installation in which step by step  process is given to install it easily on your blog/website

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