Steps to Change Administrator Password of Windows Without Knowing Old Password / Current Password

Change the Windows Password without Knowing Current Password
Again has come with an amazing trick through which you can change your Window Password without knowing your existing password. Suppose you always need to your brother to login your system because he has not told the current password of your system. Now you want to change the password but when you try to change the password it ask you for the current password. Here we have given a 5 stemp simple tip where you need not the current or existing password of your system. But please note that trick will work only when you are already logged in the system. Most of the people think that password can not be changed without knowing the current password.

Follow the below given 5 step trick to change the password of Window PC without knowing the current one
Step 1 : Hope you are aware of the My Computer, an Icon which is normally on the desktop of your computer, Right Click (Not Left Clik) on the My computer Icon and there a Menu will be dropped down, you find an option there to 'Manage', Click on That
Change Windows Password without Knowing Current Password Step 1
Step 2: You See the 'computer Management' Setting, there you see 'System Tools' and 'Local users and Groups' option > Click on 'Local Users and Groups' > You find See the 2 Folders 'Users' & 'Groups' > Double Click on the Folder 'Users' > You can see the list of users.
Change Windows Password without Knowing Current Password Step 2
Step 3: Right Click (Not Left Click) on the folder of the user whose password you want to change, you find a dropdown menu, choose 'Set Password'
Change Windows Password without Knowing Current Password Step 3
Step 4: Now a warning will be prompt up, read the warning carefully. If you are OK with the warning, Click on Proceed
Change Windows Password without Knowing Current Password Step 4
Step 5: Enter the new password and click on Ok.

If you find any problem with the password change of your computer system, please let me know through the comment box below.
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