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FlexZine Blogger Theme

FlexZine Blogger Theme is one of the most demanding blogger themes which is suitable for running News Websites, Professional Tips Websites, Fashion, Movie, Food, Sports, and Beauty tips websites. This SEO Friendly Blogger template has all qualities which make a site popular. The design of the theme makes it separate from others.

When you land on the home page of the blogger design you see the listing of published articles article titles, article summaries, Author Names, and Published Date and time. All these details appear in the first column of the FlexZine Blogger Theme and in the 2nd Column of the Free FlexZine Blogger theme there are social media links with thumbnail images, recent posts widgets, popular post widgets, and a List of content Labels

Post/Article Page Starts with the Small Navigation in the First Row you can link the list of important pages ie. Contact Page, About Page, Advertise Us page, etc. After that, the 2nd row of the page shows the left-aligned Logo and advertising space to run the advertising banner/text. The third row of the Page shows your content navigation or content categories list and a search box to search your site/blog. Then a 2-column space where the first Column shows the Breadcrumb, Article/Post Title, After Post and Title, there is a detail of the published date & time and assigned label or categories, then text & uploaded image then social sharing widgets and thereafter the related posts with image thumbnails, thereafter link to go to Previous & next article, thereafter a comment box. In the 2nd column of the Flexzine Blogger theme your Social Media Channel Thumbnails with Link, after that Recent posts widgets, then the Facebook Like component, Popular Posts Widget which shows the popular articles from the website, then an ad component where you can show your choice of advertisements, then list of categories and then the Last Row of the page is footer which shows the Random Picked story titles with image thumbnails, List of Tags, and Recent Posts.

Features of this Flexzine Blogger Template

Below is the list of features of the Flexzine blogger theme. Read these features before you make a choice of buying a blogger theme

SEO Optimized Blogger Theme

Looking to buy a free FlexZine Blogger Template? you should read it first because this blogger theme is completely optimized for Search engines so Flexzine Blogger theme-designed sites rank better in search engines and get the benefit of SEO-friendly design themes. This SEO Optimized Flexzine Blogger theme has a good design, is schema rich, mobile responsive, fast speed, and other SEO features which keep this theme always in demand.

Responsive Blogger Theme

No worry to have multiple sites for multiple device screens as this FlexZine free blogger theme serves the same HTML design but in a different look for every screen type so different designs for different device users. It means mobile users find this blogger theme site for mobile devices whereas desktop users see the desktop look of the blogger theme. Google too has already mentioned officially that it recommends a Responsive design which feature is inbuilt with this Free Flexzine Blogger Theme

Ads Ready Blogger Theme

You are not a tech geek, no issue as this site comes with Ads inbuilt component which can be added or deleted by just simple clicks anywhere in this Flexzine Blogger design. So if you are a small blogger you can add an Adsense component anywhere inside this blogger design or if you are running a big site on this blogger theme, you can add the advertising widgets on the site yourself

Elegant Blogger Theme

The look of this Free & Premium blogger theme is elegant so if any site is developed with this Flexzine Blogger, the catchy look of this blogger they attract your eyes

Very Fast Loading Blogger Theme

HTML, CSS, and Javascript Code of this site is very well optimized so this blogger theme opens very fast on all browsers and user find the content of their choice without the wait

Social Bookmark Ready Blogger Theme

If you have seen the design of this Flexzine blogger theme, you see the social Site thumbnails where you link your social media channels. And Social Media Meta tags make the site design enable to pass the desired Title, Description, and image thumbnail in the social media sites while bookmarking on social sites. Social Sharing widgets on the pages make it very simple for the user to share the articles of your page on Social Networking sites in a single click

Flexzine Blogger Theme

For Demo of Flexine Blogger Template - Click Here

Free FlexZine Blogger Template

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  1. i have a problem regarding this templete... i love this templete and i dont wanna change this templete instead of changing this templete if there is any way by which i can resolve my issue than i will be happy to keep this templete
    issue: i implemented some codes for subscription pop-up it doesnt show........but if i remove var_ code than all code implements bu the problem is........my blog messed up.....as of 1) search bar disables ii) thumbnail image of posts becomes blurry ......what to do>?