100% Recovery - How to get Adsense account Reinstated: Adsense Invalid click activity appeal

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Google Adsense Account Disabled How to Enable It or How to Get it Back: Is your Adsense Account disabled by the Google and you are searching for the tip to get it back. Most of the time Google shows that Adsense Account is disabled because of the invalid click activity. Now you know any other affiliate network dont pay as much as Google do so instead of using the other Affiliate network you should try to enable the Google Adsense Account back. So Here we will give you some tips to get you Google Adsense Account Back. So read step by step process for Adsense application form

Why Adsense account disabled?

To enable the Disabled Google Adsense account, we need to first figure out the reason of disabling the Google Adsense Account. In Most of the cases Invalid clicks and Invalid traffic lead to the Ban on Google Adsense Ads. Because Google has some formula by which it can analyze the Clicks and Impressions and determine the real click and spam click. If google determine that some site or publisher is cheating advertisers by spam or artificial click, It impose the panelty to the publisher account vs publisher Domain. It also help google to protect our advertisers’ interests on Google. So First figure out the reason of Adsense account disabling which you get in your email when Google disable your Google Adsense Account

How to Get Back your Disabled Adsense Account / How to get Adsense account reinstated

  • Here we have listed the step by step proces to recover the Google Adsense Account back.
  • First of All you need to Visit Adsense account Appeal Page
  • There you find an Appeal Form, fill up the details there and submit it to Google
  • On Appeal Form, it will ask you to enter your Banned Adsense Email Id
  • If there is any technical error or mistake done by you, Mention it clearly, Dont try to give the false reasons
  • Tell them the changes you will do to avoid this problem
  • Once again, fastidiously take into account the highest reasons for account closure. What systems or behaviors have you ever place in situ to confirm this won’t happen once more.
  • Review the ad implementations on your desktop web site, mobile web site, and/or mobile app. admit what your typical user journey would be, and see if the ad implementations would possibly cause users to accidentally click on your ads.
  • Once your Adsense Appeal form Submitted, your work is done, Once Google receive your Appeal form, it will check and if it finds your appeal correct, Google will reinstate your Adsense Account. If Google Find any problem, it will ask you to proceed with appropriate action as necessary. But there is still no guarantee that Google will re-enable your Adsense Account
We have re-enabled the 25 Google adsense account till the date so-
If you are not able to enable your disabled account, please put your questions in Comment, We would be happy to help you

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  1. Can You help me get my account back it was disabled for invalid traffic