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NewsPro Blogger Theme Free Premium

Newspro is a 3 Column Blogger theme best suitable for News/Magazine Site. If planning to run a news/magazine kind of website on blogger platform this NewsPro Blogger Theme can be a best choice. For Tech, Photography, Sports, Movie, Review Site can also be run on this NewsPro Blogger Theme. Theme is created by a Themexpose which is a well known name in creating high quality and Premium looking blogger templates

Features of NewsPro Blogger Template

Here is the list of features of this NewsPro Blogger Theme-

Features of NewsPro Responsive Blogger Template

Fully Responsive Blogger Design
No matter site is open on Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop, this blogger theme is fantastic. Both Small and Large screen devices serve the same HTML so no separate site is needed for different kinds of devices with Mobile responsive blogger design. Here is the link to test the responsive design - Check Here

Fully SEO Optimized

This NewsPro blogger theme is completely SEO Optimized so sites that use this theme find no problem in ranking in Search engines. It has schema tags so Google can easily fetch the correct details from all of the pages. Valid CSS & Javascript and optimized code make this site load very fast.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile Friendly design makes this blogger theme best looking on mobile devices too. Google has provided an online tool to check Mobile friendliness. - Check the mobile friendliness here

Structured Data

Now Google and other search engines suggest using the web page in a structured format. Google suggests using the Schema tags on every page so that it could pick up the correct details from the page. Even Google has given a tool to test the Structured HTML tag. - Check Here

Support Youtube Thumbnail

This NewsPro Blogger theme Supports a Youtube thumbnail so if you upload any image in Youtube and embed the same on your post. Home Page/ Category Page/Search page auto pick the Youtube thumbnail from the post

Auto resize thumbnail image

This blogger theme has a feature 'Auto Resize' it means no matter what image size you upload of the post, it auto-resizes the image and shows the thumbnail in the home page/category page/search page

Tabbed Menu

If you use this Newspro Blogger theme, there are tabbed on the page for a recent post and a recent comment

Well Documentation

NewsPro Blogger Theme comes with good documentation so using, customization and installing is a very easy process for everyone. Step by step process is listed in the document for everything.

Random posts

Also, there is a link to go to random posts which picks the post automatically, and every time you click on the link, it goes to the different page

Recent Comments

In this NewsPro Blogger theme, there is a tab for Recent comments where comments from all of the posts look inside a single tab

Threaded Comment

This NewsPro Blogger theme comes with Threaded comment features, which means 2 or more users can comment on one another comments.

Recent Post By Label

Since blogger does not give any option to create any category but Blogger comes with a Label feature where you can see Label-wise recent posts.

Related Posts Support

This Newspro Blogger theme has a special feature where on every page, it picks the same label posts with image thumbnails on the page. Relate posts are displayed after the post content.

Ads Ready

Option to add/delete ad widgets everywhere on the page. Ads can be placed at any place without any technical changes on the page

Newsletter Subscription

This NewsPro Blogger theme comes with a beautiful Newsletter subscription box where the user can subscribe to your content via email.

Custom Error 404 Page

Beautifully designed Custom 404 Error page shows the correct path to the user who types the wrong URL or goes to the not found pages

Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)
This NewsPro blogger theme is tested on almost every browser be it IE8+, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari or any other browser

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