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Sara Fashion Blogger is from the template library of Sora Templates. This blogger template is very fast, beautifully designed and SEO ready and can be used on Fashion, Beauty and magazine kind of blogs. Personal Portfolio too will match with this blogger theme. Perfect Font Type, Font Color and Font Size improve the beauty of this Saara Blogger theme. Premium and Free version of Saara Fashion Blogger theme is available for everyone and here to we toe updated the direct link on this page at the end

Saara Fashion Blogger Template Free Premium

Features of Saara Fashion Blogger Template

Search Engine Friendly Template

Saara Fashion Blogger template (both Free and Paid version) is completely Search Engine Friendly so sites using this blogger theme gets an advantage in Search Engine Ranking. It has all SEO Features like Schema Ready, Mobile Responsive HTML, Fast Loading, Heading Tags, Valid CSS, HTML etc so no need for on-page SEO/technical SEO

Ads Ready Blogger Template

This blogger theme is Ads ready so no need to get into any technical aspect. This Saara Blogger theme gives the freedom to Add and delete Ads component anywhere on the page or drag and drop the ads widgets across the site and enjoy earning the money from ads without any technical knowledge.

Mobile Responsive

Now Google has started rolling out the Mobile-First indexing and Google recommends to use the Mobile responsive design for your site. This Saara Fashion Blogger are mobile responsive so it looks very well in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices. You open this theme is Desktop or Mobile, HTML remains the same but render the display differently (i.e., “respond”) based on the screen size. If using this Saara Fashion Blogger theme, you need not to make 2 separate sites for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Social Media Optimized

Saara Blogger themes come with the added Social share buttons so the user of this blogger site can easily share the content of the site with their friends and relatives in just one click. This Social Media optimized blogger theme is good for promoting your content on Social media by user share

Fast Loading Template

If you have seen the demo when you open the demo site, it loads very fast and using this blogger theme will also make your site load very faster even in the slow speed internet. Also, blogger runs on Google Hosting so loads very fast. Fast loading of this Saara Blogger theme also help the site in Google Search as Google has clearly said the page load time is one of the parameters of Search engine ranking

Dropdown Navigation Menu

There is a dropdown menu in the Saara Fashion Blogger theme which can be customized as per the need of this theme user. It looks very user-friendly in Desktop as well as mobile devices. No technical knowledge is necessary to change the Dropdown navigation of this blogger theme. Also, it comes with a detailed document where you can learn to step by step change this blogger theme

Two Column Blogger Template

This blogger theme is 2 Column blogger theme. One column is for Content whereas the second column is for Your Social Channels, Popular Posts, and Categories/Archives. Also, you can add the ads widgets, third-party HTML, Links, Content and other things as per your choice

Simple Admin Panel

This Saara Blogger theme has a simple admin panel which is very easy to use and can be perfectly managed even by a first time user. So buying or using the free Saara blogger theme is very easy for everyone

Social Channels

This blogger theme has the thumbnail of all popular Social Media sites which can be connected with your social media properties. So Saara Fashion blogger theme gives an opportunity to your user to connect you on social media sites

Featured Posts

If you want to highlight any post of your choice on your site, It can be done easily on Saara Fashion Blogger theme. It comes with a feature to add your featured posts to the top of the site. Featured posts float on the home page of the site and get user attention easily

Free for Unlimited Domains

Paid and Free Saara Fashion Blogger theme can be used on the unlimited domains so enjoy the Fashion blogger theme

Sliders on the Home Page

This Sora Saara blogger Theme for fashion sites also have a slider on the Home page where featured posts keep floating on the regular interval where you can showcase the posts of your choice. Which make it the best for Fashion lovers

Three Column Footer

Footer of this blogger theme design is 3 column where you can give the subscribe us a box, category name or any other things of your choice

Saara Fashion Blogger Theme Free Version DownloadSaara Fashion Blogger Theme Paid Premium Version Download

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