Increase the Speed of your PC Easily in 5 Steps: Simple Methods

how to increase computer speed windows 10, windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows XP Professional
Most of us struggle with the speed of Old PC and want to increase the Speed of our Personal Computers. So Here we have updated simple tips here which will be helpful in increasing of speed of your computer systems. But still you find any problem with the speed of your computer, please send us your query in the comment box below. These simple steps can be done easily by anyone. You need not be a tech geek to use these simple steps. Below is the six step process which you have to follow and you can see the enhancement in the speed of your computer.
Follow each and every step to increase the speed of PC:

Step 1: Removal of Temporary Windows File

In the First Step, we will learn to delete the temporary files of the computer system. Temporary files are created when a Windows Session is terminated in an irregular way. Temporary Files are also created for backup purposes, by programs
Temporary Files are stored inside - C:\Windows\Temp. So to delete the Temporary files first Go to C Drive, then inside the C Drive Go to the Windows Folder and inside the Windows Folder, Click and Open the Temp folder and delete all files under Temp Folder or follow the below steps to go to the Temp folder easily
  • Click on the start button, Go to option
  • Type Run in the Search Box & a dialog box will be on your computer screen
  • Type Temp in the text box, a folder will be open, you can see the files inside that folder
  • Select all the items inside the folder and delete
  • Step 1 is complete

Step 2: Removal of Applications/Programs Temporary Files

In the Second Step too, we will learn to delete the temporary files but these temporary files are different from the first one which was told in Step 1. In step 1 we deleted the temporary files which were store because of the Windows. This Temp files are stored when the application data (Not operating system data) is store. If you update any application (i.e skype, google chrome) the application is downloaded to this temp folder and then installed and then the setup file is deleted. To go to the Folder location, you need to go to <C Drive>Then Go to<Users Folder>Then Go To<YOUR SYSTEM NAME Folder> Then Go To <AppData Folder> Then Go To <Local Folder>Then Go To <Temp Folder> Then Select All files of the folder and now delete all files. Or in the simpler form use the below process-
  • Click on the start button and Go to option
  • Again Type Run in the search box & a dialog box will be on your system screen
  • This time your have to type %temp% inside the run dialog box
  • A folder will be opened and there you can see the many files
  • Select all the files of the folder and delete all
  • Note: If any of the program is open on your system, all of the files can not be deleted so first close all the programs in your system i.e. Doc File, Excel File, Skype or any file and program
  • Step 2 is Done

Step 3: Removal of Recent History

Now in the Third step, we will delete the History data of Recently opened files and applications. File location will be C:\Users\pc16\Recent or Go to <C: Drive> Then Open the <Users> Folder and then <YOUR PC NAME FOLDER> and then <Recent> Folder and delete all files inside this Recent Folder or if you are not able to reach to the temp folder through this process, follow to below process to reach the Recent Folder
  • Click on the start button and Go to option
  • Again Type Run in the search box & a dialog box will be on your system screen
  • Then type Recent in the box and a folder will be opened which will have the history of your Recent files on your computer system. Select all the files that contains in the folder.
  • After selecting all the files go for delete option. Then the files must be deleted.
  • Step 3 is Done Now

Step 4: Use of Dis Cleanup Utility Program

Now in the Fourth Step, we will learn to run the Disk Cleanup using the simple button clicks. Disk Cleanup is used to remove unused files which speed up and improve the performance of the computer. To run the Disk Cleanup progrm follow the below simple steps
  • Go to start menu & click on the option.
  • Then Go to All Programs
  • Then Accessories under Programs
  • There you will see System tools, Click and Open It
  • Then you can open Disk Cleanup
  • Opening your C drive automatically and delete unknown  files of you pc, Now you can tick all check boxes and then click ok button.
  • Step 4 is completed Now

Step 5: Removal of Unused Applications

Now in the Fifth Step, we will learn to remove the unused applications/programs of the system. Find the simple steps below to easily navigate to the option

  • Go to start menu & click on the option.
  • Type run time or run in the search box & the dialog box will open.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the box and a folder will be on your screen
  • There you will see the list of applications running on your system
  • Uninstall that software that you have’nt need.
  • I will hope you can use these steps and your systems speed will be increased.
  • Now 5th step too is done

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