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WordPress Coupon Theme: Want to run a Coupon Site? Looking to build a CMS for Coupon Website or want a website developer for starting your coupon website, you are in the right space because here we have given the complete detail of a coupon website that can be used for starting a full-fledged Coupon Website which has all the features of a coupon website and on the world's most popular web platform WordPress.

This coupon WordPress theme looks very beautiful and has almost every feature which a coupon site requires. User-friendly look and feel, simple navigational structure, optimized CSS and JavaScript, Mobile responsive design, and many other features. It is one of the most demanding WordPress themes for Coupon website.

Features of Coupon WordPress Theme

Mobile Responsive Design - This coupon WordPress theme offers a responsive design so the website looks beautiful on every screen size be it Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop.

Customizable Homepage Design - The homepage design of this coupon WordPress theme can be customized from the backend. No coding is required.

Easy Support for WooCommerce - Friendly Support for woocommerce.

Beautiful Slider and Carousel - Slider and Carousel run perfectly on the website and can be managed without any technical knowledge.

Optimized for Adsense - Option to add and delete ads anywhere on this coupon website theme.

Speed Optimized - Superfast speed of this Coupon theme makes it unique from others.

SEO Ready - Coupon WordPress theme has all SEO features i.e Meta Title, Meta Description, Custom URL structure, Schema ready, etc.

Work With Third-Party Plugins - Works perfectly with all third-party WordPress plugins so if any other change is required, third-party plugins can be used on the website.

Theme customization - There is an options panel to easily customize the theme from the backend. No theme credit or linkback is required.

Support - There is a support forum where every kind of problem and solution is listed, any question can be asked there. In case of any problem, email the problem and the solution will be available for you in a few hours.

Benefits of This Coupon WordPress Theme

  • Single Domain Usage
  • One Click Installation
  • Support & Updates for One Year
  • 24x7 Premium Technical Support
  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Options Panel
  • Secured & Optimized Code
  • 30-Day Money Back Policy

General Settings
  • Upload Your Logo
  • Add a Favicon
  • Touch Icon for Mobile Devices
  • Add a Metro Icon
  • The field for Twitter Username
  • Feedburner URL Option
  • The field for Adding Code in Header Section
  • Footer Code Option
  • Pagination Options
  • Activate/Deactivate AJAX Quick Search
  • Enable/Disable Responsiveness
  • Enable Right to Left Support
  • Select No. of Products

Performance Options
  • Enable or Disable Prefetching
  • Lazy Load Enable/Disable
  • Enable Async JavaScript
  • Remove ver Parameters

Styling Options
  • Primary Color Scheme Selector
  • Secondary Color Selection
  • Choose Layout Style
  • 60 BG Image Options or Add Your Own
  • Parallax Effect for BG Images
  • Add CSS in Custom CSS Field
  • Enable and Disable Lightbox Option

  • Top Bar’s Background
  • Show Header Search Form
  • Header Search Placeholder
  • Show Header Login and Registration Form
  • Navigation Background
  • Floating Navigation Menu
  • Show or Hide Menu
  • Show or Hide the Logo

Footer Settings
  • Enable Footer Widgets
  • Enable 3 or 4 Widget Layout
  • Choose Footer Background
  • Enable Parallax on Footer BG
  • Extra Footer Text
  • Footer Text Title
  • Footer Text Content
  • Footer Social Icons
  • Footer Social Icon Title
  • Footer Social Icons
  • Section for Copyrights Text
  • Copyright’s Background
  • Homepage Settings
  • Layout Manager
  • Carousel Section Title
  • Carousel Items
  • Show Carousel on Other Pages
  • Setup a Custom Slider
  • Set The Animation Effect for Slider
  • Background for Slider Text
  • Enable Parallax Effect for Slider
  • Add Coupon Category Tabs
  • Choose the Number of Posts
  • Set Background Color for Tabs
  • Enable Parallax Effect for Tabs
  • Enable Social Icons for Homepage
  • Add Section Title
  • Set Section Title Color
  • Add Social Media Icons
  • Store Section Title
  • Add Popular Store Items
  • Set Store Background Color
  • Set Subscribe Background Color
  • Sign Up Section Background
  • Sign Up Title
  • Sign Up Title Color
  • Sign Up Button
  • Sign Up Button Background Color
  • Sign Up Button Text
  • Sign Up Button URL

Coupon Archive
  • Set default coupon archive tile
  • Set Small Description
  • Set the Number of Coupons
  • Choose Coupon Archive Sidebars
  • Exclude Expired Coupons
  • Coupon Archive Post Meta Info
  • Pagination Type – Coupons Archive

Coupon Single
  • Coupon Single Post Layout
  • Coupon Single Post Meta Info
  • “Show Coupon” Button Action
  • Subscribe Box in Popup

Blog Settings
  • Featured Categories
  • Pagination Type
  • Posts on blog pages
  • Blog Post Meta Info
  • Date Format Style
  • Enable Lightbox

Single Post Settings
  • Single Post Layout Builder
  • Choose Meta Info to Show
  • Enable or Disable Breadcrumbs
  • Highlight Author Comment
  • Date in Comments

Social Settings
  • Social Sharing Buttons Position
  • Social Sharing Buttons on Pages
  • Organizer Social Media Buttons

Ad Management
  • Below Post Title Ad
  • Show Ads After XX Days
  • Ad Section for Below Post Content

Sidebar Settings

  • Create Custom Sidebars
  • Choose Sidebar for Homepage
  • Create a Single Post Sidebar
  • Choose Sidebar for Single Pages
  • Create an “Archive Page” Sidebar
  • Tag Archive Sidebar Selection
  • Date Archive Sidebar Selection
  • Different Sidebar for Author Archive
  • Different Sidebars for Search Pages
  • Sidebar for 404 Error Page
  • Different Sidebars for Shop Pages
  • Create a New Sidebar for Single Product Pages

Misc. Options

  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Choose from 630+ Google Fonts
  • Import / Export Options Provided

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