How to Install a New Blogger Theme on Your Blogger Blog or Website

If you want on install a new blogger theme on your blogger blog/website, you should have an XML file saved on your device. If you have no blogger theme xml file on your system/device, here we have given step by step process with images.

Step 1: Download Blogger Theme

  • First of all download the blogger theme of your choice from any credible source. 
  • You can search the theme by name or the category in Google. 
  • There you find many sites which are offering free and paid blogger theme. 
  • It is recommended to download the blogger theme from a trustworthy source.
    Search Blogger Theme of Your Choice from Google

How to Download Blogger Theme from Google
Download Blogger Theme in Zip

Step 2: Extract the Zipped Blogger Theme

  • Download and save the theme in your device/system
  • Most of the times File format that you have downloaded is a .ZIP file format
  • Blogger accept only XML file so extract or unzip the downloaded file
  • When your extract or unzip the file, you see the folder with the same name
  • When you open the folder, you see the XML file and some other files containing other related information
  • Blogger too have given many theme which can be used without downloading them

Extract Downloaded Blogger Theme

Step 4: Access Theme Section.

  • When you log in to, you see the list of blogs associated with the email Id. 
  • Just click the blog name where you want to upload the new blogger theme. 
  • There you see the options - Posts, Stats, Comments, Earnings, Campaigns, Pages, Layout, Theme, Setting, Reading List and Help in the Left Side. 
  • Click on 'Theme'

Blogger Sign In

Choose Theme to Upload Blogger Theme

Step 5: Upload the Blogger Theme

  • Now After Clicking the Thee, You land on a new page
  • There you see the button 'Backup/Restore' on the Top Right
  • Click on the Backup/Restore' Button
  • When Click a box appears on the screen
  • There you see the message 'Download the backup of your theme. Some Gadgets may not be backed up' and 'Upload a theme from a file on your hard drive'
  • It is recommended to first click and save the current blogger theme so that in case any problem arises with the new uploaded blogger theme, you could move back to your old blog theme. So First Click on the 'Download Theme' and save your current theme in your system/device
  • Then Click on the 'Choose File' and select the downloaded theme of your choice from your system/device
  • Click on the Upload Button
Click on Blogger Back Up or Restore Button for new blogger theme uploading

Choose and Upload New Blogger Theme

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