Photonic Blogger Theme Premium for Photography Template: Download Free

This Photonic Blogger Theme is perfect for the theme who is planning to say their words in image form. This Photonic blogger theme can be used for portfolio blogs or websites and the design of this free blogger theme looks amazing. Also, most of the things can be managed from the backend. This Photonic blogger theme is created by Sora so there are very fewer chances of any problems and if the premium version of this blogger template is used, Sora provides the support to resolve the issue.

Photography Blogger Template

Perfect suited for Photography or image website so if you are looking to run a blog or website with lots of images or an image website and want to host the same on a blogger board, this Photonic blogger theme can be a good choice. This Photography blogger theme can be used for the portfolio website.

SEO Friendly Photography Blogger Theme

This Photonic blogger theme is a completely SEO Friendly blogger theme so if you test this Theme in the Google Structured Data testing tool, you will see that this blogger theme has Google given all SEO Tags so this blogger theme performs well in Search engines. Also, there are many other features that make this blogger theme one of the most demanding themes for image/photography websites.

Responsive Blogger Theme

This Free Photonic blogger theme is completely responsive so it looks very good on every screen size. So no need to run different sites for different screen sizes. Host the website/blog on blogger, use this theme, and attract users to your website/blog. Below is the screenshot for Mobile and desktop both design

Custom 404 Page

This Photonic Blogger theme has a custom 404 Page so when any user on this theme lands on any not found or not existing page or by mistake types a wrong URL path he/she sees a beautifully designed custom 404 page where he/she finds a message of Not Found Page and a link to go to the Home page of the website
404 Page of Photonic Blogger Theme for Photography Template

Super Fast Loading Blogger Theme

This Photonic blogger theme by Sora Templates loads very fast on every browser so if the internet speed is slow on the user's device, it loads perfectly well and very fast and takes less than 5 seconds on complete the loading of the theme.

Ads Ready Image Blogger Theme

You do not need to know about the coding or designing part to place any ads on any part of the website, this blogger theme comes with ad ready layout so placing any ad on any part of this blogger theme can be done in 2-3 clicks by adding a simple widget on the theme without any coding knowledge.

Browser-Compatible Photography Blogger Theme

No matter which browser is being used to open this blogger theme. The design of this blogger theme remains the same on every browser and looks amazing to every User. Be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, or any other.
Photonic Blogger Theme on Desktop Device
Photonic Blogger Theme Home Page on Desktop Screen

Photonic Blogger Theme on Mobile Device
Photonic Blogger Theme Home Page on Mobile Screen
Photonic Blogger Theme Article Page
Photonic Blogger Theme Article Page
Photonic Blogger Theme Free Version

Photonic Blogger Theme Premium / Paid Version

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