AC Buying Guide India - Split AC & Window AC - Save More Money & Electricity

AC Buying Guide India 2018
It has become very difficult to live in scorching heat at home and office. People who don't want to bear high weather temperatures usually buy and install the air conditioners in their homes & offices, but the main problem with AC is more electricity consumption and maintenance charges. If you have an old AC and you want to change it, then need to take care of a few things-

AC Installation Problem and Expenditure

If you are going to buy an AC for your home or office, first of all, check that there will be no problem in installing it. If you are going to install an AC for a small room and looking for window AC, it is easy to install and does don't take much space. If you want split AC over Window AC, then make sure that you do not have trouble installing it. Because Split ACs are more difficult to install and even many companies also charge for its installation. However, electricity bills are less in split AC than window AC.

Energy Consumption and Capability in AC

If you are looking for an AC for a room of 100 to 120 square feet, 1 Ton AC will be enough to cool. 1.5-ton AC can be used for the hall or large room. If your room size is 175 square feet then you can go with 1.5 ton AC. But Room with more than 175 Square Feet size needs AC with more capacity. You can always choose 3 star AC which comes in the medium price range and also saves electricity. If you want to buy Eco-friendly AC, you should buy a 5 star rated AC.

AC Maintenance and Warranty

If you want to use AC for a longer period, it is necessary to maintain timely maintenance. When buying AC also needs to read out how many years of warranty are available on AC. Generally, New AC comes with 2 years to 5 years of warranty. If any problem comes in between of warranty period, the AC company send its engineer and maintain your AC for free. If you go for regular checkups before the summer, AC does not give any trouble to you. The most hazard is a gas leak and compressor. You will not have to deal with these problems by regular maintenance

Selection of AC as per feature and convenience

Always keep in mind what features are being given with AC before buying. Many AC brands are being provided with the Eco-Mode in Features. Some AC Brands can also be operated from your smartphone. In this case, you can choose AC as per the features and convenience. Some brands have more features in AC but are very costly so you can buy them with EMI option.

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