How to Play Swoo Candy Krack Game & Win PayTm Cash (Trick)

The Swoo app already has two games, a Swoo Trivia Show and a Swoo Bingo Show. And, now, Swoo has brought up another new game called Swoo Candy Krack. In this game, you can play and earn Paytm cash. What is Swoo Candy Krack? How to Play Swoo Candy Krack Game? 

There are many questions coming up in your mind, am I right? Do not worry as we are here to sort out all your queries. Here in this article, we will explain to you all the details about the Swoo Candy Krack game show. Read the full article and know every detail about the game.

All of us are aware of SWOO - Live Games & Entertainment App where you can play Swoo Trivia Show and Swoo Bingo Show. Now Swoo has come up with a new game where anyone can play and win PayTm Cash. Here we have listed all of the information regarding the Swoo Candy Krack Game like how to play Swoo Candy Krack, how to earn Paytm Cash etc.

What is Swoo Candy Krack Game

Swoo Candy Krack Game is created by Swoo Limited and can be played in SWOO - Live Games & Entertainment App. Swoo Candy Krack is a candy crush type of game where you get only 1 minute and the highest scorer wins the game and Paytm Cash. In Candy Crush Game you don't win any money but in Swoo Candy Krack game-winner gets the PayTm cash. Everyone can play and win the cash. This is the 3rd game by the Swoo App after Swoo Trivia Show and Swoo Bingo Show.

How To Start With Swoo Candy Crack Game

If you have already played the Swoo Trivia Show or Swoo Bingo Show, the app is already installed in your mobile, you don't need to do anything, just open the app and play the game, but if you are new to Swoo Candy Crack Game, you first need to follow these steps-
First of All, Download the Swoo Candy Krack App. Here is the link to download the Swoo App
If you are playing Swoo Trivia show and Swoo Bingo show then this app is already downloaded in your phone. You just need to update the Swoo app on your Device. And if you don’t have the Swoo App then follow the steps and download it.
  • First of all download the Swoo App from This link.
  • Now install the App and open it
  • Now it will ask you to enter your email id, phone number, or Facebook or Instagram, choose any of these
  • You will get an OTP to verify your mobile number
  • Now add the given refer code which is - Makemyway
  • When register using the referral code and sign in, you get 2 lives, if register without using the referral code, you get only 1 life
  • As you will sign in you will get 1 life, apply the referral code you will get another 1 live and your friends will get 3 lives.
  • Now the registration process is done, you are ready to play the Swoo Candy Krack Game

Share Your Refer Code To Earn More Lives

Now Swoo Registration process is done and now turn to share the Swoo Candy Crack Game with your friends/relatives. Below is the step by step process to share and earn lives in Swoo App. Swoo Life can be used in playing the new game
  • Since the Swoo App is already on your mobile phone, click and Open the Swoo App
  • You will see 3 Swoo Games -  Swoo Bingo, Swoo Trivia, and Swoo Candy Krack
  • There you will see the option of Balance and Lives
  • Click on Lives
  • There you will see your Swoo Referral code
  • Click on the share and share your Swoo Referral code with your friends/relatives on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels
  • Now, if you have any referral code then you can see the option Have a Referral code?
  • Enter the code and click on Apply. Like if you use any refer code, you will get one life and your friend will get 3 life
  • Refer your code with friends and earn 3 lives.

Swoo Candy Krack Game Timings

Swoo Candy Krack Game can be played thrice in a day - With prize money of Rs 20,000, 20,000, and Rs 50,0000 at 12:20 pm, 4:30 PM, and 8:30 PM respectively. You can use one life at one level when you use one life, the points will get double at the next level. So if you use life in the 3rd level your points will be double in the 4th level.

How To Play Swoo Trivia Game?

Since you know the timing of the Swoo Candy Krack Game, you need to be ready at 12:20 pm, 4:30 pm, and 8:30 Pm to earn some Paytm cash. Like Candy crush in this game too you need to match the candies and if you match it fast you WIN a real cash prize. If you don't open and play the game at the given time, you miss the game.
  • First of all, Open the Swoo app at sharp 4:30 PM and 8:30 PM
    Swoo Candy Krack Game Time to Play Game
  • The Host of Swoo Candy Krack will appear on the Swoo Screen who will explain the rule.
Swoo Candy Crack Game Host
  • When the Host is explaining, you can click on the option to UNPACK CANDIES
  • Level 1 appears and you see all the candies on your device screen
Swoo Candy Crack Game Level 1

  • Connect the same color candies and earn points

  • Swoo Candy Crack Game Candies

    How To Get More Points 

    Cross Milestones To Win The Game
    Five stages will be there in the Swoo Candy Krack Game, in every stage you get only 1 minute of time. You need to match the same color candies in one minute. There are 3 milestones which you need to cross and earn prize money

    Swoo Candy Crack Milestone
    • First Milestones - 12k points in which you can earn your share from Rs. 5000
    • Second Milestones - 16k Points in which you can earn your share from Rs. 5000
    • Third Milestones - 20k Points in which you can earn your share from Rs. 10,000.

    Swoo Trivia Tricks For Free Points

    • There are some other ways to earn more points - If you crack special candies you earn 50 points whereas base candies give you only 10 points. Special candies can be made by popping five same color candies together
    • If you have Life and you use it. Your score will get count double.
    • Try to ignore 3 candies and crack 4 or 5 candies so you can get more scores.
    Tips to Earn More Points in Swoo Candy Crack Game

    How to Win Paytm Cash by Playing Candy Krack Every Time?

    • Always crack 4-5 candies to earn maximum points
    • Try to crack bombs as much as possible
    • Do not use Life in the 1st and 5th round of the Swoo Candy Krack Game.
    • Use Life to double points to score more.
    • Use life in the 3rd or 4th round to achieve in the next round.

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