PUBG Tricks 2023: Get Free Pubgskins, Royal Pass, Silver Fragments

Pubg Tricks 2023, Free Pubgskins, Royal Pass For Free, Pubg Free Classic Crates, Pubg Free UC cash - Hello Makemyway Reader! I hope you are enjoying Pubg mobile redeem codes. Again we have back with another post, in this, you will get many rewards like Skins, RP cards, and many more.
You will never forget this PUBG loot offer where you don't need to do the extra task. Just follow some simple steps -

Get Free Pubgskins, Silver Fragments, Gun Skin, and Royal Pass From Pubg

get free pubg skins

Get Free Pubgskins & Pubg Uc

  1. First of All, Visit Our Referral link (From Here)
  2. On HomePage, Tap on "Get Started".
  3. Now Fill in your Email Id > Start Now.
  4. Within One minute, 100 UC will be credited to your account.
  5. Take participate in Surveys or quizzes to earn more UC.

Get a Free 5 Royal Pass, 1400 Coins, Kar98 Skin, and more

  1. First of All, Download Melon VPN App from the play store.
  2. Install it on your android mobile.
  3. After completing Singin up, Watch a video to Unlock Free Vip Servers.
  4. Now Connect to the United States (East Coast) Server.
  5. Open the Pubg app and Goto Event tab.
  6. Click on the Time-Limited tab > Summer Challenge.
  7. After that, Click on Play Now and Select Tier Dash.
  8. Congo! You will get 1400 coins, just use it to buy Kar98 skins, an advance room card, silver frags, and much more.

Get Skulls Skull Set, M16A4 Gun Skin, Racer Suit (Gold)

  • Firstly Open PUBG and Move to the Even section.
  • Select Time Limited and Then Team Up Live Fast.

get skulls set, m164a gun

  • Now Click on the Go button and Complete 3 to Chapter to get these items.
  • You will Get on Completing -
  • Chapter 1 - M16A4 Blue Tint Skin.
  • Chapter 2 - Racer Suit + BP Coins
  • Chapter 3 - Skull Set Suit
  • After that, Collect 300 BP coins, 15 Silver Frags, and 3+2 Premium Scraps.
pubg missions

Get Free Parachute Skin + 2 Classic Scraps

  • Download Free VPN Apps From the list (Melon, Snap, TunnelBear, Proton).
  • Open it and Connect to Libya Server.
  • Now Open the Mailbox in the game & Collect your rewards.
  • Redeem your gifts and grab new items.

Get Free 2 Classic Coupons, 3 Parachute Green Trail, 666 Coins From Pubg

  • First of All Download Any Free VPN like Express, Melon, Proton, TunnelBear, HMA, Vypr, and Nord.
  • Open VPN and Connect with Thailand Server.
  • Now go to the Events Tab and Click On Themed Tab From Upper Side.
  • Go to Showdown in Berlin Tab and Collect Your Rewards.

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