Supr Daily Free Subscription Offer & Promo Codes

Milk has different importance in our lives because people from children to older people drink it, but is the milk you are drinking completely pure or are there any health problems due to drinking it. 

Keeping all these things in mind, Supr Daily is working on this work, and due to this door to door service is also being provided so that pure milk can be delivered directly to your home.

You will get a lot of comfort from home service because apart from milk, you will get many daily used items like bread, eggs, curd, coconut water, paneer, dosa batter, and buttermilk. 

Once you get a membership plan, your selected items will reach your home every morning and you will also get rid of the hassle of ordering again and again.

What is Supr Daily?

Supr Daily is a milk and grocery delivery app in which you can order many items used for breakfast online and the goods will reach your house before 7 am. It has over 1 million satisfied customers so far. Currently, all super services are being offered in select cities of the country like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore / Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Supr Daily Free Subscription Offers

Subscribe & Get Free Milk Subscription For 14 Days

  • SUPRB2G2 / SUPRWELCOME redeem code on the payment page. (Working on 2 monthly subscriptions)
  • Buy 2 2-month subscription plan using Promo code B2G2 & get free milk for 2 weeks.
  • Get a free supr to hang bag on 1 month or more supr subscription.

Subscribe & Get Free Milk For 1 Week

  • Apply promo code SWIGGYSUPR.
  • The offer is working on a One-month subscription pack.

Supr Daily Promo Codes 2024

Before buying goods on Supr Daily app, apply these promo codes once and get an instant discount on every order.
  • SUPRCB200 - Get Rs 200 cashback on buying milk for a month.
  • SUPR100 - Get 100 rupees cashback on buying milk for a month.
  • SUPR5 - 50% Off on each order. (valid on the non-milk product)
  • SUPR7 - Get free milk for a week (valid on a one-month membership plan)
  • SUPR50 - Get Flat 50% off on your first-ever order (valid on bread, paneer, eggs, dosa, batter & coconut water)


So, friends, I would suggest you start using the SuperDaily app from now on because you can have more of your selected breakfast at home. For this, you have to place your order through the app a day in advance and can cancel later whenever you want (before the order is received). The best thing about it is that it contains most of the milk brands, so you can also choose your favorite milk brand in it.

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