Amazon Quiz Answers Of Today's Contest

Amazon Today's Contest Answers, Amazon Daily Quiz Answers, Today Amazon Quiz Answers 

Again we have updated "Amazon Today's Quiz Answer" on our page, where you can win exciting rewards by seeing correct answers to all the questions. The quiz game is life daily from 8 am to 12 noon, in which any consumer can participate for free and play daily quizzes through the Amazon app. The lucky winner will be awarded on the last date of next month.

Amazon Quiz Answer of Today's Contest 

Q 1. Which company has the ‘Vriddhi Supplier Development Program’ that aims to empower around 50,000 MSME’s for growth?

answer: Walmart

Q 2. The Russian Direct Investment Fund has recently announced that which vaccine is now registered in 37 countries?

answer: Sputnik V

Q 3. In which Disney movie do we see this talking snowman?

answer: Frozen

Q 4. Which book written by this US President, was released in the year 2020?

answer: A Promised Land

Q 5. What do you call the person who serves and prepares this beverage?

answer: Barista

Amazon Quiz 1: Spin & Win iPhone & Exciting Prices

Question 1: Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

answer: J.K. Rowling

Question 2: How many letters are there in English Alphabet?

answer: 26

Question 3: What makes M12 the Monster Reloaded?

answer: All of the above

Question 4: Which of these is a feature of the Lava Z6?

answer: All of the above

Question 5: When is International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide?

answer: 8 March

Question 6: How many days are there in the month of March?

answer: 31

Question 7: How many days are there in the month of April?

answer: 30

Question 8: What is the full form of ICC in terms of cricket?

answer: International Cricket Council

Question 9: How many sides does a square have?

answer: 4

Amazon Quiz 2: World Sleepy Day Answers

Question 1: What’s the slogan for World Sleep Day 2021?

answer: Regular Sleep, Healthy Future

Question 2: What does REM stand for in the REM Sleep Stage?

answer: Rapid Eye Movement

Question 3: Name the Greek God of Sleep, who is the brother of Thanatos, the God of Death?

answer: Hypnos

Question 4: What 2019 horror film is based on the sequel to Stephen King’s 1977 novel ‘The Shining’?

answer: Doctor Sleep
Question 5: Which of the following is known as the Sleep Hormone?

answer: Melatonin

Amazon Quiz 3: PediaSure Quiz Answers

Question 1: What are The Benefits of PediaSure 7+?

answer (d): All of Them

Question 2: How Many Flavours of PediaSure 7+ Are Available?

answer (b): 2

Question 3: PediaSure 7+ is For Which Age Group?

answer (c): 7-14 Years
Question 4: PediaSure 7+ Has The Goodness Of?

answer (d): Both 1 & 2

Question 5: Between 7-14, The Bones of Children Can Grow By How Much?

answer (b): 1.5X

Amazon Quiz 4: Pay Later Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which Of These is Most Accurate For Amazon Pay Later?

answer (d): All of The Above

Question 2: Which Payment Methods Can Be Used For Repayment of Purchase Made Using Amazon Pay Later?

answer (d): Netbanking/ Debit Cards

Question 3: Amazon Pay Later Can Be Used for Which of The Following?

answer (d): All of The Above

Question 4: Which of The Follow is A Necessary Step To Register For Amazon Pay Later?

answer (c): Enter PAN Card, Aadhaar Card Details

Question 5: With Amazon Pay Later, You Can Avail Up To 12 Months EMIs on Purchase Above Rs 3000

answer (a): True

Amazon Quiz 5: LG Laptop Answers – Win Rs 20000

Question 1: Which of The Following Categories is LG Gram Related To?

answer (a): Laptop

Question 2: The LG Gram Laptop Weights Approximately________

answer (b): Less Than 1 Kg

Question 3: LG Gram Laptop Does Not Come With A Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage Capacity.
answer (b): False

Question 4: What is The Maximum Time That The LG Gram Run on A Single Charge of 100%?
answer (a): More Than 12 Hours

Question 5: The LG Gram Comes With A 3 Years Warranty Period.
answer (a): True

Question 6: Which of The Following Features Describe The LG Gram Laptop?

answer (a): All of The Above

Amazon Quiz 6: Gift Finder Answer – Win Rs 50000

Question 1: Where on Can You Find The Best Gift Ideas?

answer (a): Amazon Gift Finder

Question 1: How Can I Find Gift Finder on Amazon?

answer (d): Option 1 & 2

Question 1: Can Amazon Gift Wrap My Orders?

answer (b): Yes, But Only if it is Fulfilled By Amazon

Question 1: How Can I Choose Gift Wrap Option on Amazon?

answer (d): Option 1 & 2

Question 1: What Digits Gifts are Available at Amazon?

answer (d): Option 1 & 2

Amazon Quiz 7: Kids Carnival Answer – Win Rs 10000

Question 1: Which is The Following Are Benefits of The Amazon Family Program?

answer (d): All of These

Question 2: You can Visit and Provide Date of Birth of Your Kid To Join The Program

answer (a): True

Question 3: Amazon Family Kids Carnivals Offer Discounts Up to ___ On Baby Products, Toys, Sports,  Kids Apparel, Books, Schools, Supplies & More.

answer (a): 60%

Question 4: The Amazon Family Kids Carnival Would Take Place From 16th March To Which Date?

answer (d): 21st March

Amazon Quiz 8: Credit Card Answers – Win Rs 10000*

Question 1: Which of The Following Cannot Be Paid For Using A Credit Card?

answer (c): Magic Wand

Question 2: The Joining Fee For Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is

answer (a): Zero. It’s Lifetime Free

Question 3: Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Reward Point will Never Expire?

answer (a): True

Question 4: What is The Maximum Reward You Can Get Using Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card?
answer (d) You Can Earn Unlimited Rewards

Question 5: Prime Members Get 5% Reward Points for Shopping on Amazon Using Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card. If The Shop for Rs 10000. They will Get:

answer (c): 500 Reward Points

Amazon Quiz 9: Carnival Edition Answers – Win Rs 75000

Question 1: Which is The National Animal of Scotland?

answer (c): Unicorn

Question 2: What is Harry Potter’s Owl’s Name?

answer (a): Hedwig

Question 3: Which Sport Has Been Played on The Moon?

answer (a): Golf

Question 4: Where was The First Solid Chocolate Bar Mode?

answer (b): UK

Question 5: What Color is An Aircraft’s Black Box?

answer (c): Orange

Amazon Quiz 10: Carnival – Pictionary – Win 1 Lakh

Question 1: Name This Actor, Who is Famous For His Role in “The Big Bang Theory”

answer (b): Jim Parsons

Question 2: American Former Stockbroker and Now Author Whos is Also Famously known as “The Wolf of Wallstreet”

answer (a): Jordan Belfort

Question 3: Indian Mathematician Whos was known as The “Man Who Knew The Infinity”

answer (c): Srinivas Ramanujan

Question 4: First Woman of Indian Origin To Go To Space

answer (c): Kalpana Chawla

Question 5: Indian Ornithologist and Naturalist. He is Referred To as The “Birdman of India”

answer (b): Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali

Must Check

Amazon Quiz Contest Details, Terms & Conditions

  • All interested persons can participate in the competition anytime from 8 am to 12 noon every day.
  • The contestants can only participate in through the Amazon app.
  • The names of all the lucky draw winners will be published on 29 February 2020.
  • The prize money will be added to Amazon Pay Balance for each announced lucky winner.
  • You will be eligible for the lucky draw only after answering all 5 questions during the contest period.

How to Participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz

Note that these contests are not available on the official website of Amazon, so go to the Amazon app and participate in it. You will get all the information about it on the homepage of the app itself, just click on the quiz banner and start playing. If for some reason you do not get this quiz, then you can also find it by entering "Fun Zone" from the search option.

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