Dream11 Hack Trick & Winning Prediction Tips (2024)

Hello friends! In Dream 11 you must have faced defeat before and every time you must have been thinking that you will definitely win this time. 

If you have lost your morale due to repeated defeats and you want a big win, today we will do our best to help such users make a lot of money with Dream 11 to compensate for their previous losses.

In Dream11, many people want to make more money by investing a little money and giving up everything by luck, which is totally wrong. In this game, your good understanding of cricket is tested. Today I will also tell you some tips along with some hack tricks that will help you win 100% by predicting.

Trick To Win Dream11 Money with 100% Accurate Prediction

Dream11 Hack Trick & Winning Prediction Tips

Before joining any league, follow our stated steps and read them thoroughly before implementing any Dream11 tricks. Your chances of winning are based on your intelligence skills and team selection, so keep an eye on our post for the right choice.

1. Choose a match

You must first choose which match you want to play, for this, you should get all the information about the upcoming match on the homepage, plus a timer will be displayed which shows how much time is left to participate in the match.

In it, you will get a live update of many matches like T20, ODI, or Test, so I suggest that you do not play that match until you have the right information about the performance of all playing 11 expected players.

2. Keep an Eye on Every Player's Performance 

To win it is important that your team performs well, for this you need to know about every player on the team and how they bat and bowl. I know that not everyone knows how all players are performing from previous matches, there are many online websites with the help of which you can easily know their ratings and scores like -
Keep an Eye on Every Player's Performance
  • Click on upcoming matches or ongoing matches.
  • On the next page, open the Player Performance tab.
Keep an Eye on Every Player's Performance
  • Now you will see the ratings of all the top batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.
    • Players with a rating of less than 25.5 are less likely to play well
    • Players with a rating of 30.5 to 40.5 or more are more likely to play well
    • Based on this rating, you can check every player's performance before adding your team.

3. Create Your Fantasy Team

When you choose a match, the most important thing is to select the team's players because for this you only get 100 credits, which each player costs credit. Some rules are also to be followed while choosing the players of your team, such as
  • You can select at least 3 or 5 Batsmen.
  • You have to choose 3-5 Bowlers.
  • You can select 1-4 All-Rounders.
  • You must select 1-4 Wicket-Keeper.
When you select the players of the team, you also have to choose the captain and the vice-captain and they contribute significantly to the win as the points of the chosen captain get 2x and the vice-captain 1.5x points:

Choose Captain & Vice Captain

4. Join Low Competition Leagues

Before entering any match, it has to be seen which match is happening between the two teams, as if there is a match between India and Australia, then surely many people will play this match, which makes the competition very much It will be done. In such a situation, after the possibility of losing, my only suggestion is that less competition should choose the match as fewer people participate and there is a greater chance of winning.

Join Low Competition Leagues

Final Dream11 Winning Strategy Tips

Friends, in the end, I would like to say that if you play this game without any strategy, you will definitely face defeat, so come on the field with a successful strategy and win cash daily. Every new consumer should follow each of the above steps so that they can learn every trick of the game. I hope you liked my post. If there is any suggestion or complaint related to this, please write in the comment box.