Hago App Referral Code: Rs.25 Free Paytm Cash

Who does not like to play games? so there are lots of gaming applications on the play store, but if the money starts coming with it, then the fun of playing the game doubles. On this concept, the Hago app works in which you can earn Free Paytm Cash by playing games.

The best option to earn money from the Hago app is to invite friends to refer and earn the program as it can earn Rs.25 Paytm cash on every successful invitation. If you are a new user, you can get an Rs.25 signup bonus by using my Hago referral code 20Z4Z4A while registering the account.

In the Hago app, you can also talk to each other while playing games with friends. In this, you will have to do many tasks to collect coins, these coins will help you to get Paytm cash for free.

Earn Rs.25 Free Paytm Cash via Hago Referral Code

  1. Open Hago App and Move to Profile Section.
  2. Invite Friends via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line & others.
  3. You can also use refer code 20Z4Z4A to claim a signup bonus.
  4. Once your friend joins Hago using your referral link, you will get Rs.25 Paytm Cash.

How To Download Hago App & Play Money Plant Game?

  • First, click on this link and open it on the Chrome browser.
  • Click the Help button to proceed.
  • On the next page, click on Plant and Cash.
  • Now you will be automatically redirected to PlayStore, download the Hago app from here.
  • Login with your Facebook account and fill in your Name, Gender, and Date of Birth to complete the signup.
  • Note: Do not allow Location Access.
  • On the app homepage, click on Hago Money Plant, and slide the banner if it does not appear.

  • Now you have to enlarge the tree by watering the seeds, so click on the Jug.
  • As long as there is water in the jug, try to water the seed as shown in Screenshot.
  • After the water runs out, click the Task button, and collect 100 grams of water by playing a PvP game.
  • You can collect a lot of water and earn more cash in completing the given task.

How To Get Water

If you want to cross the level quickly, you have to water the seeds continuously. To fill more water in the jug, you have to complete some tasks -

Get water in the morning/afternoon/evening - Three sections to get 10g water 08:00-10:00, 12:00-14:00, 19:00-21:00

Play PvP game - Play two games in the event to get 100gm water drops per day.

Share to friends for help - You will get a 10g water drop each time you get a friend to click on the link you share, each friend can only help once and a maximum of 15 friends can help every day.

Hago Helpers - Share with Hago friends or channel. If a user helps you tap, you'll get 5g of water for each tap. Up to 30g per day.

How To Withdraw Hago Balance To Paytm 

To withdraw money from the Hago app, you have to go to the Hago Money Plant game where you have to click on the Withdraw button. Note that the amount below Rs. 25 cannot be cashed and it is necessary to invite 1 new user to download the app and withdraw it now. As soon as your friend downloads and signs up for the ago app through your referral link, you can withdraw money from your paytm wallet.

Earning From Hago App: Proof

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