Play Jio Tambola Game Every Day & Win Bumper Prizes

Jio Tambola Game which you can play by going to MyJio App and winning the bumper prize if you are the winner. It is very important before playing the game that the rules and conditions of the game are taken care of, the player will be weighed if there are false claims.

Jio Tambola Game is operated by Jio Platforms Limited (JPL), which is based on skills. To participate in this competition, each contestant must claim 1 free ticket for which they will have to answer a simple question.

If you want to participate in this g ame, you can play every evening at 7 pm and 8 pm on JioEngage. These are completely free and competitions are played online every day. You can win coupons, gift vouchers, or physical prizes by claiming a reward for the winning pattern.

How to Play Jio Tambola Game Every day & Win Bumper Prizes

  • First of all, install MyJio App, ignore this step if already there.
  • Open the app and "Tambola SABKA Number AAYEGA !!!" Tap on the banner.
  • Answer a simple question to get a free ticket.
  • Now your golden ticket is ready, just enter the game at 7 pm or 8 pm.
  • When you enter the game, you will be shown and announced different numbers from the game screen 1-90 as shown in the screenshot.
  • From these numbers, you will have to make a winning combination of the matching numbers and as soon as you have done so you will have to claim the winning pattern out of the pattern shown below the ticket.
  • If your claim is true, then you will stand a chance to win a bumper prize.
  • If you make an illegal claim, you will be declared invalid and your ticket for that day will also be canceled immediately.

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How To Claim For Winning Patterns

  • Early Five - If the first five (5) numbers are in the ticket cross, the winner combination claims right.
  • Top Line - Claim the winning combination if you cross or close all the numbers in the top line.
  • Middle Line - Successfully claiming the winning combination after crossing all the numbers in the middle row of the ticket.
  • Bottom Line - Claim the winning combination by hitting all the numbers in the third line ie the last line of the ticket.
  • Full House - The first winning combination claim is correct after crossing all the numbers of the ticket.

Final Words

So friends, in the end, I would like to say that it is also important to have luck with your skills in the Jio tombola game. I have been playing this game continuously for the last 4 days, but so far I have not been able to claim any winning combination. I will continue my efforts without giving up and say this to you, try to win the bumper prize by participating in the Tambola competition.

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