How to Download Telegram Video & Files Faster

Download Telegram Videos, Telegram Video Downloader, Fast Video Online Download link - People are resorting to WhatsApp and Telegram channels to connect with each other through social media, which is a very effective and easy way. In today's era, everyone wants to keep their identity confidential. In such a situation, Telegram proves to be unique, which, according to other apps, is committed to its encryption service.

Many of us use Telegram as a messaging app, on the other hand, within a few years, its usage has increased to download premium content like files, web series, and movies. Talking about the shortcomings, it takes longer than usual to download any file from Telegram, for this the internet speed does not matter. In this post, we will share an effective way to download Telegram files that supports all browsers.

How to Download Telegram Video & Files Faster

  • First, Visit this link through your phone browser.
  • Open it with your Telegram app.
  • Now you have to connect to @PTGprojects to access this bot.
  • Once successfully added, upload or forward the file to the bot.
  • Within a short time, you get a video download link. Just open the link and download the video files on your iOS or Android device.

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Maybe something In circumstances, this method does not work - in this case -
  • open the desired telegram channel and press the Start button. 
  • Copy-paste the link you want to download faster. 
  • Save the file to Google Drive and the file will be available to download to your G-Drive.
Other options you can try are Get Public Link Bot, PosterBot, Papakorn, etc.