Upstox Refer and Earn Offer - Earn Lakhs of Rupees with Upstox

Upstox has come up with an exciting offer where you can earn Rs 300 for every successful referral. Just few steps and the money will be credited into your bank account so lets start-

How to Register for Upstox Partnership  program

  • First Logon to where you will be asked to enter your Name, Email, Phone and City
  • Enter the asked details and click on Submit button. You will asked to enter the OTP which you will get in your given mobile number
  • You will be asked to enter your PAN Details and other details in every step ie. AAdhar Card Details and verification etc.
  • Complete the registration process and your journey to the income is started now

How much can you Earn from this Upstox Referral program

As the name suggest, you get the money when your referral completes the account opening process in within the offer period time bu how much money you earn is a question you would surely like to know. so you earn the money by -

  • You earn Rs 300 for each successful referral. For example if you make 20 successful referral, you earn Rs 6000
  • In addition to it, you also get the money from Brokerage sharing - Get a share of the brokerage from each trade your referred client makes.
    • Suppose per person trade minimum 4 transaction and since Upstox charge Rs 20 per transaction so Upstox earn 4 x 40 (Rs 20 for buying and Rs 20 for Selling commission) = Rs 160 
    • You have referred 20 persons so the total commission will be- 160 x 20 = 3200
    • What you will earn is 10% of total comission of Upstox which will be 3200/10= 320 for a single day
    • Suppose your referral do trade for one month which is (22 working days) = 22 x 320= 7040

You earn Rs 7040+6000=13040

This is just an example, we have taken only 20 referral as example but this is not the limit, you may refer as many as possible and earn Lakhs of money. Every time your referral trades You get the commission without making any investment

How to refer to Upstox to your Friends/family and relatives and earn money

  • I hope you are aware of Upstox Partner registration process. so below are the steps to get your referral code or link
  • Logon the
  • Sign in with your details
  • Go to this link - and you may see your unique referral code and link

What does your referral gets when they signup using your Upstox referral code

  • FREE Demat + Trading + Zero Balance Savings account
  • Brokerage credit up to ₹500* for 30 days
  • Single platform for stocks, MFs, Gold, IPOs, ETFs, etc.

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