Paytm CRAX Redeem Code & Cashback Offer

CRAX is liked by every class from child to youth, its different flavors like frits, naughty, cracks, etc. are in great demand among children, if seen, 1 to two packets are consumed daily in every household.

 Talking about the sales, it starts from Rs 5 per packet in India, its unique taste makes it different from other snacks, and its craving increases with each mouthful.

Recently, Crex has launched a cashback offer to promote and enhance the sales of its products wherein a unique code will be available on the purchase of each packet which will be redeemed to get Rs 10/20/25 cashback in Paytm Wallet. This offer can be availed only once on each account.

Paytm CRAX Redeem Code & Cashback Offer

Earlier we shared a similar Paytm Kurkure offer, the Paytm Center Fresh Mint Canny Offer, where you can earn Free Paytm Cashback on the purchase of packs.

Paytm CRAX Offer 2023 – Redeem Code & Get Free Paytm Cashback

  • First of all, buy a Crax packet worth Rs.10/20/25
  • The packet should be new and make sure the assured cashback offer is mentioned on it.
  • Tear the pack carefully and find the unique code.
  • Now visit this web page to redeem that unique code.
  • Enter your Unique Code, Name, Email, and Mobile and select your preferred offer. Tick on I'm not a robot and Agree with terms & conditions
Paytm CRAX Redeem Code & Cashback Offer
  • Submit your details and collect Rs.10 or Rs.20 or Rs.35 free paytm cashback from the big city.

Offer Terms

  • Paytm reserves the right to modify, refuse transactions or change this offer.
  • You can directly apply code through this platform
  • The coupon code is valid for (4) months from the PKD date mentioned on the pack.
  • The promo code is valid once per user during the offer and transactions can be made only on or on the paytm app.
  • After successfully redeeming the code, the paytm cashback will be credited to the participant's paytm wallet.
  • If you're not registered on paytm then firstly you need to register on the Paytm app or paytm website to avail of paytm cashback.

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