How to trace exact location of mobile number, ip address

Whenever our friends call and inform us about their location, we sit empty-handed even knowing the prank. In such a situation, many online methods can be used to detect lies and trace the exact location, which is effective in locating the exact location from the IP address on Google Maps.

We all know that we can directly trace the location of any device by its IP address. Mostly they are needed at the time of reasons like chatting and messaging with friends. At that time you can find out the real-time location from the IP of their friends.

How to trace exact location of mobile number, ip address

Nowadays every smartphone has an inbuilt GPS receiver which enables you to track the real location of you or your friends using satellite signals. In such a situation, if the friend goes to another city without telling you, the current location can be traced by tracking the current location through mobile methods.

How To Trace Mobile Number Exact Location Online 

You can trace the location of friends' Mobile Numbers or any other person using the below methods:

Trick #1 Family Safe 

This app can prove to be helpful in tracking your child's activities and finding out the exact location of their mobile phone. Designed with your loved ones and children in mind, the app features GPS location tracking as well as panic alerts, which when activated will receive instant notification of the child's location and surroundings along with audio recordings on the parent's device.

This app supports Android and iOS platforms, so just install it right away and trace the location from another phone.

Trick #2 Trace Exact Location Of the Mobile Number

You will find many websites online which provide mobile number tracing facilities for free, you can use any one and follow the steps given below:
  • Visit the website and enter your friend's phone number.
  • Click on the Trace button.
  • Now you will get all details like Mobile Owner Number, Location, Operator, Signaling, etc.

Trick #3 Command Method For Tracing Current Location 

  • Open your computer and type Cmd in the search box or press Win+R.
  • Back to c:\> by typing the cd.. command.
  • Now type this command netstat -an and hit enter.
  • It will display active network connections and their associated network protocols such as TCP, UDP, ip address, and others.
  • Find and trace your friend's IP address using the above method.
  • Bingo! You get the exact location.

Final Thoughts 

Friends, remember that you can trace mobile number location and IP address by the method mentioned above, although it is difficult to say that 100% accurate information will be found.

The above methods are shared for educational and entertainment purposes only. Tracking someone's IP address or location without their permission is a crime and for doing so you will be responsible and we (MakeMyWay) will not be responsible.

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