Google Pay Lays Offer 2024- Earn up to ₹30 Cashback Scratch Card

Google Pay Lays Offer - Indulge in the delightful experience of Lays and unlock exclusive rewards with the Google Pay offer! Grab any Rs.30, ₹20, ₹10, ₹5 Lay's, Doritos, or Kurkure snack packet featuring the Google Pay promotion and enjoy a sweet deal. redeem your digital scratch card to get a chance to receive a maximum ₹30, ₹20, ₹10, ₹5 cashback reward.

Earlier we shared the Lays Kurkure Offer where you will get 2 GB of free data on Airtel sim. 

Google Pay Lays Offer 2024- Earn up to ₹30 Cashback Scratch Card

To avail of this offer, just buy any Lay's, Doritos, or Kurkure snack packet with the Google Pay logo on it. You will get a unique Google Pay to redeem code which can easily be redeemed on the Google Pay app.

We have been regularly sharing cashback offers for our readers, where recently there was a chance to earn Rs 30 free Paytm cash with the MobiKwik Mirinda offer.

Google Pay Lays Offer

If you want to earn money through cashback then participate in Google Pay Lays Offer & get instant cashback in your bank account. The is working in all states of India valid till 29 April 2024. Come and learn how to redeem the Lay's code on Google Pay.

Earn up to ₹30 Cashback Scratch Card via Google Pay Lays Offer

  • First of all, go to a grocery store or mall.
  • Buy any Lays, Doritos, or Kurkure snack packet worth Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 30 (make sure it has the Google Pay logo printed on it).
  • Tear the packet carefully and note/copy the unique code that will be printed inside the wrapper.
  • Open the Google Pay App and go to the Offers section then select the first offer (Snack Time)
  • Now Scan the QR code on the snack packet or enter the code manually.
Google Pay Lays Offer
  • Apply the code and you will get a reward instantly, just claim it.
Google Pay Lays Offer
  • Collect your scratch card from the Rewards section.
  • Make any transaction to unlock the scratch card like scan and payment, money transfer, etc.
  • Bingo! You will get cashback rewards ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 30 in your bank account.
Google Pay Lays Offer

Terms & Conditions

  1. Codes can only be found in snack packets with the Google Pay logo.
  2. The scratch card you receive will expire after 45 days if not scratched.
  3. New users who download Google Pay via the QR code on the packet will get a flat ₹30, ₹20, ₹10, or ₹5 scratch card per pack.
  4. Any cashback that you earn will be added to your rewards channel and to your UPI-enabled bank account linked to Google Pay.

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